If ten things enhance the way people engage with technology on day to day basis, we believe nine of those are product design. If you stumble over what the next step in process of a product, we strongly feel it has failed in keeping you interested. This common firm standpoint on product design, brought us together in Bueno Labs.

Here in Bueno labs, an idea or a simple conversation starts with “If I am the user?” and every single decision is made keeping in mind if that's adding value to our users. We put all our strengths and efforts towards building products that redefine consumer internet. Our extensive experience packed together, we bring to you unique products that take the truck load off your journey with technology rather than false discount promise. The time, effort and skill that goes into design of our products is no less than building a dream house.

A year or may be just a minute of your life made easier is all we strive for at Bueno Labs.


Xpresslane is the Next-Gen checkout platform for e-commerce which focuses on increasing conversion during the checkout process. In the current e-commerce market, most of the issues faced by merchants during the checkout process are common across all and everyone is trying to solve the same problems in silos.

At Xpresslane we are taking a holistic approach to solve all problems related to the checkout process together for all merchants, by creating an Eco-system of users, merchants and payment instruments. Each of these parties by participating in this Eco-system will be contributing to it as well as reaping the benefits out of it.


Single Checkout Account

Fastest Checkout

Single app to track
all purchases


Best Checkout Conversions

Maximum Payment Options

Simple pricing
Minimal Settlement time


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    A product specialist from IIT Madras with a tremendous start-up experience in E-commerce, Payments & Travel industry as Head of payments and checkout systems @ Jabong & Cleartrip. A strong believer of design thinking and passionate about building user centric products. Successful at building cross functional teams.



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